Despite world humanitarian day playing a role in the deciding factor to make you get off your backside and volunteer to clean your local park, the other factors contained in this article should also help you to.

Why Should Parks Be Kept Clean?

Other than the obvious, looking good for people to see nice things, and play in a place that is not rubbish laden on the eye, cleaning up your local park helps a lot because parks should be clean for children that play inside them. Kids love to put their hands everywhere and explore the unknown, and when there are mounds of dust, rubbish and dog poo lying around it is a recipe for disaster. You should clean because kids deserve a clean park, and you are giving back something to your community. Many parks in the UK have been present for decades, and the chances are you will have fond childhood memories of playing at the very same park that you are helping to clean up for kids in the area. Now that is what you can call a good deed!

What Equipment Do I Need To Clean Up My Local Park?

Other than your hands, and a pair of wellington boots, you should also ensure that you take along gloves, Dettol in a bucket and hand sanitizer, bin bags, a rubbish picker and poop a scoop and bucket for dog poo. You also need to ensure that your hands are kept covered and are protected when handling objects and local parks are sadly also a habitual area for local drug users. You can expect to find syringes and other drugs memorabilia lying around in the undergrowth. Sadly, sometimes even inside the children’s play area which is of course a shocking thing to envision, but perhaps even more of a reason for you to dig in and help out to clean your local park up.

How Should I Make Use Of The Equipment I Take Along- And Where Should I Start?

First things first, Start with the obvious, the rubbish that is visible to the human eye. Make sure to get your gloves on, and start to pick up the rubbish with your rubbish picker. Take great care with handling the rubbish and ensure that t is kept firmly and securely inside the rubbish bags, bearing in mind that there could be syringes and contaminated items that can cause potential harm to you. It is a terrible thought but some people really do not care that kids play in an area and can be harmed by their neglect and laziness to clean up after themselves. You can expect to find beer bottles, glass from drinks that have been thrown around, crisp bags, sweet wrappers, you name it.

Once you have picked up the obvious items then it is onto the dreaded ones. Dog poo is never a good thing, but sadly is always left behind by negligence owners that like the idea of having a dog as a pet, but just cannot grasp the concept of why they should clean up after their furry friend when it has taken a dump in the park. Dog poop contains worms, and parasites that are very sickly for kids and can cause them to contract all types of bugs. It gets stuck to the bottom of shoes, it stinks and well it just should not be there. By helping to clean that up alone you are going to be known as the local hero!

After the dog poo, comes the kids play area. Make sure that you take the Dettol and water and Dettol all areas where kids put their hands and play. The swings, the handles of the see saw, the slide and items that are climbed on. The benches in the park also need a good scrub down, and the chances are that there is some graffiti on them that will not be able to be removed by scrubbing alone. If this is the case, contact your local council after the clean-up, and encourage them to repaint the area, ridding it of vandalism. Also, more importantly try to involve larger groups from your community, a job shared is a job halved. So folks, head on out to your local park and clean up! The UK is a lovely country and it is a shame to allow things to go to rot because of lazy people that cannot clean their mess up after themselves.