About Homelessness

Homelessness is an issue that permeates all age groups, ethnic groups and denominations. Homelessness has long proven itself to be an elusive issue, with few discernible solutions in sight. While various government programs have been allocated to alleviate the burdens of the homeless population, the issue still persists in prolific numbers, and there are a multitude of reasons for this. World Humanitarian Day is a critical occasion that allows people to display their inner philanthropist and spread kindness to the world around them. One day, you will possess the financial wherewithal to impact the homeless community in more magnanimous ways. However, you need not donate an entire mansion in order to change someone’s life. It should be noted that the issue of homelessness requires a multidimensional approach, and the homeless population itself must proactively partake in these efforts. However, the purpose of this day is simple, to express the boundless potential of a single gesture. Essentially, one small act of kindness can change the life of one, and perpetuate a chain of kindness to many others.   But, before you proceed, it is critical to familiarize yourself with the facts about the homeless population first.

The Facts

Firstly, homelessness afflicts more than mere adult populations. It also subjects children, teenagers, and elderly people to the bane poverty, as well. Regrettably, a surprising 39% of all homeless individuals are youth under the age of 18. Furthermore, 75% of these individuals engage in substance abuse. 5000 of these people die annually because they lose their lives while they are living the homeless life, through suicide, drugs, or attacks. In terms of the homeless population, a large segment happens to consist of families with children in them. Many homeless people, including children, are turned away by homeless shelters because they cannot accommodate them with their limited space. This is very alarming, and obviously, more significant strides must be undertaken to remedy this ailing issue. A number of different factors contribute to homelessness, including poverty, unemployment, drug and alcohol addiction, domestic violence, insufficient health care, and mental illness. It has been projected that approximately ⅓ of all homeless individuals suffer from some form of mental illness. Many such mental diseases debilitate them, and impair their capacity to hold normal jobs, which ultimately culminates to homelessness. Mental illness complicates the issue because treatment must ultimately be a voluntary measure. Based on the aforementioned information, you may feel overwhelmed or insignificant in the scheme of aiding the homeless population. But, with this said, there is one simple thing you can do, and the significance of this will be detailed later on. It may seem silly or inconsequential at first, but the implications are vast.

Helping a Homeless Person on World Humanitarian Day

What can you do on this special day? You can prepare a sandwich for a homeless individual. Before you scoff at this idea, just consider it for one second. Make a nutritious, hearty sandwich for a homeless person, and present it to them. Ensure that this individual is not allergic to the ingredients, present it in a beautiful wrapping or bag, and offer it to them with the assurance that it was done out of the kindness of your heart. Read on to discover the larger implications of making such a gesture.

The Implications

Something as mundane as a sandwich might restore an individual’s hope and compel them to believe that there is good remaining in the world. You may completely alter a homeless individual’s outlook, and perhaps, motivate them to make strides to alter their circumstances. Imagine if everyone decided to participate in these efforts, and every homeless person received a sandwich. The effect would be too grand to encapsulate in words. But, not only this, there would be a change in awareness and in mentality throughout the nation. There would be a burgeoning sense of consciousness of the ostracized homeless community and people would engage in greater efforts to create the much needed change around them. A simple sandwich donation could be a precursor to more extensive efforts to remedy the homelessness issue. For example, after giving a sandwich, and seeing an individual light up, you may instead decide to take this one step further. This may ignite a passion with you to further aid this community that is so divested of resources, food and emotional support. It is critical to note that homelessness is not merely an issue of monetary lack. Many such people feel socially marginalized, isolated and depressed, as well. With this said, a simple gesture can make all the difference. For more information about homelessness, visit this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homelessness#Assistance_and_resources