Anyone that chooses to use our website for general browsing, or for registering for any of the services within, are bound to the terms and conditions included in this privacy policy. This policy has been written in order to give our customers a better understanding of the tactics that we use to compile and store your personal information. In this policy we review over how we:

-obtain your personal data and the reason why this collection is required

-utilize the data that you provide to us

-give you choices on what information that you need to provide in order to utilize our site, and the services within.

How Do We Obtain Your Personal Information and Why?

We understand how precious your personal information is, and will only require some of your personal data, if you decide to register for the services that we render, or if you need to contact our site with any queries. At this point, we may ask you for some information, so we can validate that you are an actual person. The information that we may require you to provide at this point is limited to:

-Your name, age, email address, telephone number, birthday, and your address. Additional information may be required at this point as well, based on what request you want us to answer to.

The information that we collect at this point, will enable us to give you a personalized experience when utilizing our site. If you decide to enroll in any of the services that we provide we will need to ensure that all of the services that you registered for are being rendered to you. The only way to ensure that this practice is occurring is by obtaining a little bit of personal data from you.

How Will We Use Your Information?

Your information will only be used to fulfill whatever request you have requested of our site. The information that you provide will not be shared with any third parties, or outside entities. We will utilize your information to tailor your website experience, on our site. It will help us to gain a better understanding of the type of consumer that you want, so we can tailor your experience to be something that you enjoy, and adheres to your specific needs.

Are Cookies Used On The Site?

Most websites will utilize cookies to obtain personal tracking information about their website visitors. We do not believe that cookies need to be employed on our site. We want you to be able to enjoy the time that you spend on our site, without having to worry about your web activities being tracked, after frequenting this site. Although cookies can enhance a website user’s experience, we have chosen not to use them, to increase the privacy on our site.

Modifications To This Policy

Any modifications that occur to this policy, will take effect immediately. It is up to the user of our site, to ensure that they keep themselves abreast with the newest provisions included within this policy. The policy may change without prior notice to website users, and those changes will need to be adhered to immediately.