Young people who come from disadvantaged backgrounds often fail to achieve to their greatest abilities. Those who volunteer to help young people from disadvantaged backgrounds can make an enormous difference in their lives and change their lives for the better. Volunteers provide a great deal of support to these youngsters and can also gain a great deal from the experience as it provides them with the opportunity to learn about becoming teachers or about careers that are based around young people.

Why is it Good to Volunteer to Tutor a Disadvantaged Young Person?

Volunteering can be a very rewarding experience. Those who tutor a disadvantaged young person can gain new skills in teaching and working with young people and get experience in this area if they are looking for a career in teaching. A service such as this one can also be a great contribution to the community.

Where Does One Learn About Tutoring Opportunities?

The best place to start is with the web page for government services and information with regard to the United Kingdom. Here there are recommendations for organisations that are looking for volunteers in various areas, including tutoring. There are other organisations in the United Kingdom that are specifically dedicated to tutoring disadvantaged your people.

Tutors Unlimited

One is Tutors United, is a non-profit organization, which has specialized Maths and English programmes to meet the educational needs of those who are deprived in the inner communities of London. Tutoring is made accessible to disadvantaged young people who cannot pay for tutoring yet still need academic help. They may have dyslexia, have missed a lot of school due to illness or are struggling to meet their academic levels. Students from the university are trained in the National Curriculum and then tutor the young in sessions that are uniquely designed for them so they are engaged in the subject and are prepared to take their exams.

Action Tutoring

Action Tutoring works with volunteers, many of whom are also college students, to provide programmes eight weeks in length to help students so that they can get at least a C in the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) in Maths or English. The schools in which the students are enrolled pay for the tutoring so there is no charge to the students and their families.

City Year UK

City Year UK, based on an initiative in the United states that has been very successful, trains volunteers between the ages of 18 and 25 to teach full-time in schools in deprived areas for a period of 11 months. Its goal is to make the question: “Where are you going to do your service year?” engrained in the culture of the United Kingdom so that it is frequently asked and universally understood. The organisation currently works with 12 schools in London and seven in Birmingham.

Code Club

Code Club, rather than focusing on tutoring, provide free, after school clubs where children between the ages of 9 and 11 get involved in a variety of innovative technology projects that teach them the basics of how to create a web site to writing computer games. The clubs run for an hour a week and are run by teachers with more than half of them led by volunteers who go the primary school in their local area.

Team Up

Team Up trains university students to tutor pupilsof all ages and achievement levels in secondary schools from disadvantaged neighborhoods and backgrounds. They work with these pupils once a week in small groups or one-on-one to help them improve their grades in a particular subject, build their confidence and realise their potential. All the volunteers are undergraduates and there is a dedicated society in each university that works to recruit volunteers and rally enthusiasm for the project.

The Access Project

The Access Project is takes volunteers with a business background and matches them with disadvantaged young people who are still very motivated so they can attend colleges and universities. These volunteers work one-on-one with students to improve their academic achievements and includes targeted sessions such writing a winning personal statement and practicing with interviews.

Volunteers not only in the United Kingdom but around the world who are interested in teaching and working with young people can become active in any of these organisations and help to make a difference for the disadvantaged youth in our communities.