The Reality of Bullying

On World Humanitarian Day, a simple gesture can enact a multitude of lifelong changes. Perhaps you are familiar with the following maxim, that a simple smile can brighten someone’s day and remain permanently embedded in their memories for life. Accordingly, the simple act of standing up for a victimized person can produce a life-altering effect. When most people conceptualize the meaning of World Humanitarian Day, they envision contributing to children’s or world hunger foundations, which do in fact require as much generosity and aid as possible. However, we cannot discredit the importance of an insidious trend that has lurked among peers at school campuses, and in work environments, as well. Bullying.

Here are some jolting statistics that signal the need to take decisive action. It is advised that you maintain a lifelong dedication to contravening bullying efforts all around you, not simply on World Humanitarian Day. According to bullying statics, victims of this horrifying trend are 2-9 times more likely to consider suicide, and suicide is the third leading cause of death among youth. In Britain, in particular, half of all suicides among youth populations are attributed to suicide.

So, what exactly is perpetuating this trend? There are a number of factors. Firstly, some victims of bullying feel defenseless, and refrain from informing school administrators and parents about the issue altogether. Furthermore, some teachers reportedly condone these situations by failing to report them to school officials. Of course, parents are often unaware of bullying issues that precipitate on school campuses. Both bullies and bullying victims require counseling to fully remedy the situation.

But, what can you do within the realm of your own individual power? Stand up on behalf of the bullying victim. Why? Continue reading to find out.

Why You Should Stand Up For A Bullying Victim

There are a slew of reasons why you should confront situations that victimize others.

For starters, bullying victims, as noted, incur an increased risk for suicide and experience depression at marked proportions. A single gesture may deter their suicidal tendencies altogether.

Another chiefly important reason that you should defend a bullying victim is because people are collectively influenced by trends and the notion of social proof. Sometimes, a mob mentality may compel otherwise ethical people to engage in egregious actions. In the hypnotizing lull of it all, an entire group of people may follow the lead of a single bully. If you distinguish yourself from the norm and alert them to the sheer inappropriateness of their behavior, then you may discourage the bullies altogether. They require an objective onlooker to intervene and confront the reality of their actions and behaviors altogether.

If you defend a bullying victim, you may compel them to defend themselves in future situations. A single act of kindness, such of this, can radically alter their viewpoint. A bullying victim who defends him or herself is less likely to be victimized on repeated occasions. You can, therefore, serve as an inspiration for courage and bravery. You may even compel them to involve outside figures instead. By empowering them, you can motivate them to readily inform an authority figure or parent to act on their behalf.

How To Go About It

In terms of defending a victimized person this World Humanitarian Day, there is a wrong way and a right way to go about it. Firstly, refrain from physical violence, name calling, derogatory language and yelling, as well. You must express yourself both civilly and assertively.

When you confront these bullies, you must do so with an assertive tone and a confident body posture. Furthermore, do not personalize the confrontation. Emphasize the cruelty of their actions, why their actions are wrong, and why you will not stand for this sort of behavior. Hopefully, once you alert them to the cowardice of their behavior, they will stop victimizing this individual. If they become violent and confrontational, simply walk away.

How You Can Change Their Life

No only can fully predict the multitude of their actions in a single instance, nor can they fully gauge the future impact of their actions. If you embark upon this noble endeavor, you will forever ingrain this memory in the mind of the bullying victim, and change their life indefinitely. This simple gesture will mean more than you can possibly measure with sheer observation. It will equate to feeling loved, valued, and protected by a mysterious act of altruism, something that they will never forget. And better yet, they may feel compelled to help someone in a similar fashion on day.

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