Helping A New Mum This World Humanitarian Day

Motherhood is a glorious, invaluable time in one’s life. It imparts a new life into the caring hands of an eager mother. And while motherhood signals the entryway into a new realm of financial, emotional and parental responsibility, the undiluted beauty of a new life cannot be scathed by these burdensome responsibilities. With that said, every new mother could use some assistance and the warmth of a selfless humanitarian.

On this special day, people often centralize their efforts in a number of areas, including homelessness, underprivileged children, etc. However, even the financially well off and able bodied individuals of the population may need a helping hand, and a simple, innocent gesture of happiness to brighten their day. Read below to discover the 10 primary reasons that you should cook a meal for a new mum this World Humanitarian Day.

10 Reasons

#1: New mothers are often plagued with high financial responsibilities, time constraints, work related stress, relationship issues, as well as psychological and emotional changes. Because they must accommodate the nutritional and medical needs of their new baby, they may resort to consuming unhealthy are carb-filled staple foods with little nutritional value. But guess what. With a small culinary touch of your own, you can easily turn her desire for a nutritional, appetizing, gourmet meal into a tangible reality. Trust me, this will be a great diversion from the quick, convenient snacks that occupy her eating habits.

#2: Some women experience a notable change in their physiques, which can prove exacting and disconcerting for some. The cumbersome efforts that they must take in order to regain their initial feminine appeal can burden them mentally and exact a tremendous toll on their self-esteem. Think of this day as an opportunity to pamper and spoil a new mother. This will make her feel validated and valued beyond measure. It will teach her that she can be treated with a great deal of respect and courtesy, even if she is struggling to achieve her fitness goals at the moment. You can help her find a source of inner beauty that is indispensable.

#3 Furthermore, it should be noted that many women find it difficult to curtail their cravings, even after pregnancy. As their body restores its initial hormonal balance, they experience marked changes in both their cravings and their eating habits, as well. Remember, when they were pregnant, they were initially eating for two, which implies that they will experience some food disturbances. For this reason, many mums will benefit from this occasion. You can show them that they can satiate their desire for tasty cuisine in a healthy manner.

#4 And of course, some women are so preoccupied with the newfound responsibility of motherhood that they find it difficult to prepare nutritious meals for themselves, and resort to consuming fast food instead. This will grant an ordinary mother a much deserved break from the exacting load of her every day stresses.

#5 By simply cooking a meal for a new mum, you can dissolve feelings of stress, a put a smile on her face. After pregnancy, some women experience mood disturbances, and some form of postpartum depression. A simple gesture such as this could give her a much deserved flurry of happiness that she will never forget. For more information on this trend of postpartum depression, visit this link:

#6 By participating in this campaign you will induce a chain reaction of altruism. This new mum might feel so inspired by your gesture that she will do the same for new mums the following World Humanitarian Day.

#7 Postpartum health is absolutely essential, and cooking a meal for a new mum can be the perfect start to a nutrient rich, post-baby diet.

#8 Give this World Humanitarian Day because it is fun! The benefits will not be limited exclusively to the mum, but it will affect you, as well. Hopefully, this occasion will solidify the belief that giving is more than mere monetary generosity and sometimes, an authentic expression of kindness, such as this, is all that you need to brighten someone’s day. This day will give you the opportunity to truly invest yourself in our passion in this profoundly important occasion.

#9 The final reason that you should participate in this activity is that it will make you happier. Psychology studies have proven that when you engage in philanthropic behavior, it actually increases your serotonin levels. You can become a much happier person by simply disseminating the wealth of your kindness for new mums.