As world humanitarian day approaches, so does the season of goodwill and all things nice. If you have read the title and thought that this is a crazy idea, it really is not. Mowing your neighbour’s lawn has a lot of benefits that you would never have even dreamed of in your wildest dreams. Read on to find out why you should hop on board and mow your neighbour’s lawn, in a gesture of goodwill.

Why The Heck Shouldn’t My Neighbour Mow His Or Her Own Lawn?

OK- It does seem to make sense, they live in your area, right next door to you but their lawn is a scary state of overgrown grass. You would be right to think why don’t they make an effort and make their own lawn look decent. However, you can benefit lot because simply by doing so you are showing your neighbour that you are next door (obvious to some!) But, not just that, you are also showing a gesture of will that sends over the message that you are there should they need something, and in the reverse manner- should YOU need something. Making contact with your neighbour to mow their lawn for them is not just ensuring that their lawn will look nicer; it is making sure that you have reached out and met them, perhaps for the first time. You will be looked at as a figure of trust, and in return you can benefit a lot back in return.

If You Fall Sick Will Your Neighbour Help You If You Don’t Reach Out?

Probably not. If your neighbour does not even know who you are then you cannot expect him or her to reach out and help you in an emergency. Nor can you expect them to even know that you are sick, because the chances are that he or she will not feel you are in need, if you never made an effort they will not know that you exist. Let’s face it life in the UK is not as it used to be. With ever increasing bills, financial pressure and immigration overload, people are not quite like they were back in the 80s before technology kicked in. Friends are on Facebook, instagram, wassup and Skype, and social interaction is at an all-time low. Activity is not necessarily team participation anymore; it is usually an iPod clad visit to the local gym- or a solo jog in the morning to get the circulation running. People literally live next door to each other, and do not even know who their neighbour is. World humanitarian day is the perfect excuse to nip around for a good old fashioned cup of tea and introduce yourself, and increase your chances of having a long lasting relationship with your next door neighbour. When you do good it feels good! And with the hordes of bad news that we have to read about in the paper every day, it will feel great to know that you have just participated in an act of goodwill.

Will It Cost Me Anything To Mow My Neighbours Lawn?

If you are a little tight fisted and worried about the cost of mowing your neighbour’s lawn, you needn’t do. You can plug in your lawnmower into their electricity supply and do it completely free of cost to yourself. The only cost is the deed of goodwill and your bodily sweat as you work your way across their lawn, keeping it in tip top condition.

What Do I Benefit From This?

You make a new friend! You reach out to someone that you probably have lived next door to for years and you have only ever waved a couple of times, or perhaps not even had the chance to do that. You also will burn calories whilst mowing the lawn, you’ll be helping yourself to stay fit and more importantly YOU ARE DOING A GOOD DEED. There really is nothing that can be more rewarding in this day and age than to do something for someone and know it was from a clean heart. So, go on as world humanitarian day approaches make sure that you reach out to your neighbour and mow their lawn, knowing that you have no ulterior motive other than to do good, smile and reach out. As ludicrous as it may sound, it does feel good and you will put a smile on someone’s face. Just make sure that you don’t live next door to Jack the Ripper first though! (joke)