Helping the Community

Even considering the grand framework of your surrounding community, your opinion does in fact count. Many people repress their opinions, in fear that their thoughts and ideas will not heed much value in the context of their surrounding community. But the truth is, you embody an indispensable value, and you are individually unique in your own way. You harbor knowledge, ideas, opinions, skills, talents and capabilities that can greatly contribute to your community. Furthermore, many of these skills are needed on a volunteer basis due to budgeting issues. With this said, depending on your area of speciality, you can participate in a community project and create an indescribable difference in the world around you.

Read below to discover how you can use your personal talents to improve your surrounding community. I guarantee you that there are community projects seeking the skills of individuals exactly like yourself. This is especially important, considering that World Humanitarian Day requires this type of altruistic spirit.

Contributing Your Skills

Do you possess a musical talent? Whether you are a skilled singer, pianist, guitarist, or orchestra conductor, your skills are needed in surrounding communities. For example, there are schools that are so devoid of funding that they have been forced to cut their musical programs. Music breeds intellectualism, creativity and imparts children with an emotional outlet. It has even been said to decrease criminal behavior among children. Considering this, on World humanitarian Day, and on any other day of the year, you may consider contributing your services to children who are not fortunate enough to afford musical classes of their own. Make their dreams come true by exposing them to the wonders of the piano, drums, guitar, flute, singing, and so on. You may give them a charming outlet that unleashes an inner talent that they never knew existed.

Are you a skilled writer? If so, your talent is especially needed in the surrounding community. Once again, many schools lack a sufficient budget, and have inadequate english courses that render many of the children insufficient in their writing abilities. With this said, you can begin to remedy the problem by volunteering free writing tutor sessions. Effective communication is the hallmark of a successful professional. Their capacity to communicate will impact them in their every endeavor, whether this is in future courses, or in their professional life.

Perhaps you specialize in a different trade of sorts. Maybe you are especially skilled at construction, carpentry, painting and other handy skills. If this is the case, maybe you would consider lending support to your community. Several community projects have not yet been realized because they lack a team of dynamic people with your skillset. Whether a family in need requires a new home, or a new construction project is needed to develop a city or town, consider taking action on this World Humanitarian Day.

If you are particularly skilled in art, then your skills will prove especially useful. You may consider partaking in a community mural to enliven the communal atmosphere. Or, once again, you may visit an underprivileged school that lacks an adequate art program, and expose children to the world of art. Another salient means of helping your community is participating in art workshops with foster children. This would be a poignant act of kindness because many such children suffer from a bankruptcy of emotional and familial support, and this can be the exact outlet they need to remain mentally healthy and strong.

Many underprivileged high school students envision great dreams and aspirations to attend university, but lack the preparation tools and resources necessary to take their standardized exams. Volunteer and provide complementary test prep courses for World Humanitarian Day and make a life changing difference for secondary school students.

Perhaps your surrounding community is ridden with littered objects and trash, and it needs to be sufficiently cleaned. You can increase your communal involvement by basically cleaning up trash and keeping your community clean.

If you are a martial artist, you can fortify the safety of those in your community by volunteering free martial arts classes instead. Teach people the basic fundamentals of defending themselves in perilous situations, so that they can decrease the success rates of kidnappings and other incidences of crimes. If you specialize in criminal justice, you may volunteer free school lectures to spread awareness about crime, drugs and other illicit activities to deter children and teens from engaging in these lifestyles.

The Benefits

The benefit of volunteering your skills to these above listed causes would prove indispensable in the scheme of things. You can literally shape someone’s career path, ignite a passion, talent or skills, and much more. Donate your talents this World Humanitarian Day.

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