Helping others especially those most vulnerable in society in all kinds of ways can make a huge difference to not only their lives but yours also. Offering to give up your own time so that others are comforted by you can allow you to have a feeling of worthwhile and great satisfaction. In a way it is not a selfless act as it can be seen as a ‘win Win’ situation because the individual or organisation you are offering such kindness to can help encourage people and improve their situation.

Negligence PreventionIt has often been said that you get a lot more happiness when you give something rather than when you are given something and in many ways this is very true. Even if your life is completely complete and fulfilled with happiness why not share the greatness you have found and allow others to feel even a hint of how it feels to be self satisfied. Having self esteem and self-worth builds a basis and foundation for anyone to lead a happy life.

It is always important to remember that there may come a time when you need the help of others and that you may look on people to offer up their kindness. Giving to others not in materialistic items but in time and goodness allows you to welcome those things that are important in to your life. You are always rewarded for the good things you do in life in more ways than you are aware of even if it means that the person you helped goes on to help others you have helped to bring about a better society even in a small way.

Why Should We Help Others

  • It is human nature to help others no one was put on the earth to suffer
  • It may help fulfil your own life as well as those you help
  • It allows the lonely to be integrated back in to society and give them a feeling of belonging
  • In most cases the treatment you offer to others will be returned to you
  • Help others to rise above social constraints and thrive in life
  • Mutual exchanges of kindness helps society to develop and come together
  • Helping others that are vulnerable which can help them to build confidence and reassurance
  • Helping those that are ill can help them to feel a sense of encouragement to get better

Helping Those That Are Hospitalised and Reducing Medical Negligence Anxiety

Having to stay at hospital due to an illness can in most cases be a worrying and trying time. A sense of anxiety and apprehension can cause a person to suffer psychological problems and in some cases may cause even more illness. The nature and surroundings of hospitals can offer alarm people as they present such a medical atmosphere which in turn encourages a person’s fear further. No one, to be fair wants to be ill, having good health is the greatest thing in life. More and more people are striving to improve their health each day.

It is fair to say that due to the increase of medical negligence concern and despair about attending hospital is growing. More and more people than ever are filing medical negligence compensation claims cases than ever before which is putting an uneasy feeling among society especially those who have ill health. If you believe that you have been a victim of medical negligence you may be entitled to make a compensation claim for medical negligence. Receiving a below par standard of service by a medical professional is unfair but to be go on to be injured due to the negligence is more than a mistake.

It is the duty of any medical care worker to offer a standard of care that is set out in the health industry, however this is not always the case and such standards in places are slipping. Due to the below par standards some patients are receiving and they are suffering health wise both mentally and physically as a consequence. The degree of negligence varies with some suffering minor injuries that will make a full recovery in due time, while others are severely being affected and their quality of life deteriorates.

It s important that those people who suffer such nervousness and restlessness about attending hospitals are helped to feel an easiness rather than them adding to their illness by worrying relentlessly. This can be done in the following way;

Visit Those in Hospital

By visiting people in hospital especially those who have little or no visitors can help them to feel calmer and with a little encouragement it can help sooth any concerns they may have. Hospitals can be a very lonely place as for much of the time patients are alone and left with their own distress so just by paying them a small visit at visiting time can largely benefit them.

Visit Nursing Homes and Care Homes

Offering up any time to those that are ill even by visiting care homes and nursing homes just to take their minds off their pain and suffering can comfort them as you bring in a sense of the outside world that doesn’t come from a member of the care staff and your approach to life may give them a new meaning to theirs.

Visiting the Elderly and the Sick at Home

Visiting those that are old in age and those that are suffering from an illness in hospital may feel quite different to visiting them at home and in away this is true but those who are at home may need your comfort a lot more than those in hospital especially if they have little family. Visiting the elderly and the sick can help can give them encouragement and a better outlook on life. It can take away any stress and apprehension they feel if they may be ill and any concerns they have regarding medical treatment in which they need to receive.

How to Prevent Medical Negligence

By simply visiting those who are hospitalised or who are ill you can be their voice in a time of despair and help them communicate effectively with the medical staff. Hospital’s are busy places and often run on a tight budget. Staffing levels are being reduced dramatically, meaning those that are still employed are exhausted from long and tiring shifts and do not have the time to allocate every patient with an ear to listen. This is when communication lines break down and patients are not getting the chance to speak out regarding any further symptoms or pain they are feeling. This may result in illnesses getting worse due to delays in further diagnosis. Just by visiting and listening to a patient you may be able to spot signs of deterioration or even be able to pass on messages from patients to medical staff.



‘It has been reported that a patient in a hospital was so dehydrated he rang the emergency help line and requested the police due to needing a drink. Unfortunately the police came but were turned away and the man was ignored and suffered fatality consequences’ (According to the Telegraph)