Visit The Hospital This World Humanitarian Day

World Humanitarian Day is an occasion in which all people release their inner philanthropist. You may be wondering how you could possibly contribute to a grand occasion such as this. One recommendation is to simply console someone who is ailing from an illness in a hospital. People must understand the extent of an illness does not simply affect a person’s physical well being. An illness permeates every facet of a person’s being, including their outlook, their psychological and emotional state, their social behavior, and their stress levels, as well. Before you fully grapple the effects of physical illness, first begin to understand how a hospitalized individual might feel.

Why People Need Your Company

When people are hospitalized, they often experience a tremendous amount of fear and anxiety. Sometimes, the cold ,sterile surroundings leave them devoid of comfort, even plaguing them with fears about their own mortality. With this said, anxiety is one of the most unsettling emotions that a hospitalized individual can feel. Aside from this, they are often ridden with fear regarding the prognosis of whatever condition they are suffering from. If they are terminally ill, they recognize the impermanence of life, as well as their own impending mortality. With this said, they are most likely filled with a high level of fear in such cases. Even if a particular condition has a favorable prognosis, fear is still very common.

Another reason why comforting someone is a great deed is because humans are wired to be social beings. The mere presence and conversation of another person can significantly reduce stress and cortisol levels, overall. Sometimes, this can even improve their overall condition. A positive outlook and a stress free existence can actually bolster one’s immune response, contribute to recovery from an illness, fortify the body’s healing responses, and extend the lifespan, as well. Stress has been associated with heart disease, hypertension, and other conditions. Stress can even exacerbate the presence of a disease, as well.

If you and a hospitalized person have the same religious values happen to convene, then you can provide them with additional sources of comfort while they are bedridden. For example, spirituality has been shown to markedly improve an individual’s condition when they are hospitalized or ill. This is because spiritual values have been known to increase inner peace, reduce stress and substantially enhance a person’s perception of their illness or the future. Therefore, you have the option of sharing spiritual inspiration with those that you choose to visit. Sometimes, a person may find it difficult to gain perspective on their illness when they are in this position.

Friendship and networking is especially important for the elderly community. People who age generally arrow their social circles, and this ultimately impacts their health. This is just one of many important reasons why you should visit them.

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What You Can Do You Uplift Someone

So, what can you singlehandedly do this World Humanitarian Day to simply lift someone’s spirits? You can visit a hospital and do something as simple as having a small conversation with a lonely individual. Some hospitalized individuals do not receive visitors at all, and you would be surprised by how much they would appreciate this type of gesture.

You may consider surprising them with a special gift, whether this a magazine, chocolates, or a bouquet of flowers. If someone feels isolated in their hospital room, this can work wonders for their overall mood.

Show up and share a word of inspiration with them. Whether you have an excerpt from your favorite motivational speaker, or a personal life experience, relating to others can be the perfect escape from a burdensome life situation. Give them an ounce of hope and you can dramatically improve their condition.

A sense of humor is an indispensable in any life situation. A great laugh is the best panacea for psychological distress, and sharing your comedic talent with a hospitalized person is a remarkable display of humanitarianism.

Perhaps you may choose to spread happiness to more than one person this World Humanitarian Day. Hospitalized children are in great need of uplifting and humorous role models who can put a smile on their face. If their parents consent to it, pair your visit with a few gifts, including coloring books, toys, and a variety of other fun gadgets that may uplift an ill child’s spirits.

Of course, your efforts need not be limited to the ill population in the hospital. Sometimes, the relatives and onlookers of their sick relatives are just as agonized than the person being hospitalized.